Most people get dandruff !
Nobody wants dandruff !

All people want healthy hair and a healthy scalp without dandruff, dryness or itch!

Dandruff and irritated scalp leads to an itch. The skin in the scalp is renewing continuously. This implies that the outer skin layer come loose.  This can cause itch. A sensitive and irritated scalp can also cause itch.

Daxxín dandruff shampoo can support you to solve these problems ! 

What is dandruff?

-Dandruff is dead skin cells that have been pushed away from the outer skin layer of the scalp. 

There are two types of dandruff:
Dry, fine and loose dandruff
and greasy and rough dandruff.

How occurs dry dandruff and dry scalp?

Dry dandruff occurs normally at too frequent hair wash.
The scalp skin renews continuously as the outer ´dry´skin cells loosen.
The scalp can be extra dehydrated of external influences.

  • Dry outdoor environment specially in the winter  

  • By wearing a cap, hat or helmet 

  • Dry indoor environment   

  • At the use of hairdryer or hair straightener    

  • At the use of hair styling products such as wax, mousse, gel, spray etc

The scalp skin renews continuously when the outer `dry`skin cells loosen.   
This is what we call dry dandruff ! 

Greasy dandruff occurs because of incorrect or poor hair hygiene.    

  • Sebum is a natural oil produced by our sebaceous glands to protect the scalp.

  • Bacteria and sponges(the skins micro flora) are a natural part of the scalp. 

  • These bacteria and sponges (Melassezia furfur) consume sebum and creates rest products. They can be irritating for the scalp.

  • At imbalance one can get an overbalance of these rest products.

  • New skin cells in the scalp will then grow extra fast, at the same time the dead skin cells will increase and be pushed away.  

  • This is what we call greasy dandruff !   

Dry or greasy dandruff as well as dry and irritated scalp can be treated with Daxxín dandruff shampoo.    

There are two categories of anti-dandruff products:  
Medical or prescription free anti-dandruff products with an active component. 

Medical products:

Some of these products work well, but sometimes with problems such as dry brittle hair, discoloring, hair loss or odors as a consequence.    
-The hair can be in a poor condition and the client becomes dissatisfied and thereafter returns to their normal shampoo. Then the dandruff problem can return and a new cure has to be done.   

Normal 'prescription free' anti-dandruff products:MM
Many cosmetic 'prescription free' anti-dandruff products with an active ingredient,
works sometimes but mostly not at all or not good enough and the client becomes dissatisfied as the dandruff problem will not disappear and will return shortly.

Daxxin is proved efficient. Daxxín solves the problem and when continouing using Daxxin, the problem will not repeat itself giving a healthy scalp and a healthy hair