Daxxin at pharmacies

Daxxín is prescription-free!

Door-to-door delivery is also available through the online pharmacy www.chemist-4-u.com 


In Sweden:

All pharmacy chains or 1350 pharmacies all over Sweden have Daxxín. Those are pharmacies from Apoteket AB, Apotek Hjärtat, Kronans Apotek, Lloyds Apotek and Apoteksgruppen have Daxxin in their assortment. Daxxín is also available at pharmacy web-shops as for example www.apotea.se.

Why only at the pharmacies?

The Daxxin Company´s products are only available at the pharmacies. The reason for this is that if a person has a skin-or hair problem, then we do recommend them to turn to specialists to receive necessary and competent advice regarding each person´s individual problem. These advices you can receive where there is a competent and well educated staff available such as pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, apothecaries, sometimes also medical care personnel such as nurses and even medical doctors. Those can often identify the client´s problem when they will get into a personal contact with them. And thereby advice them to a suitable treatment or product that they will recommend to solve the client´s problem as soon as possible. Most of the pharmacy staff in the above mentioned pharmacies have had the possibility to test Daxxín on themselves or a relative and thereby know when to recommend Daxxín to their clients. The absolute majority of the pharmacy personnel have a very positive attitude to Daxxín.

Dermatologists Except for the pharmacies, there are also several dermatologists that recommend Daxxin. Many dermatologists recommend Daxxín to their patients because of the good efficiency and the mild formulation.