Daxxín Shampoo proved efficient!
The test results below are judgments from the audit where the test persons reply how they rate the new ”test shampoo” is in comparison to the shampoo treatment they normally use..

(the figures within brackets tell how many % that prefer their normal treatment product) 

72% rate the test shampoo good or rather good(8%)
85% rate the test shampoo to correspond to their expectations(15%)  
58% rate that they for sure or probably will buy the test shampoo)
52% prefer the test shampoo regarding overall judgment compared to their normal product(33%)
49% prefer the test shampoo regarding the fragrance compared to their normal product(32%)
47% prefer the test shampoo regarding the hair quality compared to their normal product(18%)
44% prefer the test shampoo regarding scalp problem compared to their normal product(15%)
35% prefer the test shampoo regarding dandruff problem compared to their normal product(20%) 

The test results are consistently especially good for the tested shampoo!

The functional test´s implementation:
A functional test has been carried though on the product formulation for the Daxxín shampoo in a so called blind test in March 2011 where the respondents(test persons) did not know what brand or product they have been testing. The test population as 120 persons (55% men and 45% women) who had problems with dandruff and irritated scalp. The test period was 14 days. Thereafter should the tested product be evaluated and compared with the test person´s normal product. The testing organization was NORSTAT Sverige AB who are the biggest organization for collecting test data within the Nordic region.

The test results show concurrently that the test shampoo is proved efficient and better than the products the respondents normally use on all parameters.                       

Below you will find a conclusion.
What is important when choosing an anti-dandruff treatment shampoo?     
(Source:NORSTAT/Forberg Research April 2011)

According to the graphics on the following pages, different qualities are presented that can be rated as important/less important for the consumer when choosing an anti-dandruff shampoo. Those will be concluded as below:

What is rated as important:

  • that my dandruff problems will disappear (92%)
  • that I will get good hair quality (78%)
  • that my scalp problems will disappear  (91%)
  • that my hair smells good  (80%)
  • that I can use it every day (76%)
  • that the shampoo is easy to apply (78%)
  • that the shampoo is easy to rinse (83%)
  • that the shampoo will not create allergic reactions (95%)
  • that the product is documented and tested (81%)

Why Daxxín?
Answer: On all the parameters above Daxxin is fulfilling the needs.  

What is not so important:

  • it is a well-known brand (48%)
  • the pack design is neutral  (45%)
  • the price per pack is low (important/not important - 50/50%)
  • the ml-price is low (not important/either or - 80%)

Why Daxxín?
On all the parameters above there is nothing that speaks against the qualities of Daxxín.

Below the test results are presented in swedish graphics. 
At the end of the graphics is the summary in English   


When you choose anti-dandruff shampoo, how important are the following aspects for you?

When you choose anti-dandruff shampoo, how important are the following aspects for you?

The survey showed that:

•More than 30% has dandruff or scalp problems in this survey
•8 of 10 states that the test shampoo corresponds to or is better than their expectation
•More than 50% prefers the test shampoo compared to their anti-dandruff shampoo
•More than 50% would surely or probably buy the test shampoo compared to the the anti-dandruff shampoo they normally use  


Best in test

•The test shows that the respondents prefer the test shampoo on all searched parameters, which is very unusual, especially in a blind test

Advantages for the Test Shampoo

The excellent qualities of the test shampoo are based on a combination of a well balanced dosage and the highest demands on top quality raw material  and ingredients in a unique and balanced composition.

The test shampoo contains:
•Piroctone Olamine
•The active ingredient on the yeast fungus  Malassezia furfur  creates a natural balance between fungus and bacterias(the micro flora) and maintains the scalp´s micro flora so that the ”good” micro-organisms will be recreated
•Has a toxicological profile that is superior other active ingredients as for example  Zinc Pyrithione
•Unique tenside mix – so that you safely can use the shampoo everyday
•Mild cleansing but efficient, sulphate free formula
•Gentle mix of tensides
•Minimizes dehydration and skin irritation  as well as calms the scalp



The testshampoo does contain:
•No Sulphates
•No Phthalates
•No Parabens
•No Colorants
•No Allergens
•No Silicones


Daxxín – only sold via pharmacies

Daxxin is developed in co-operation with hair care specialists, chemists and medical doctors in Gothenburg(Göteborg) where also the production site is located

Now the test shampoo will be launched under the brand namne Daxxín with exclusive distribution rights to the pharmacies/ only sold via pharmacies

Daxxín will be introduced to the pharmacy staff personally by visits

With Daxxín the pharmacies will move sales from the FMCG trade and reach more satisfied clients



'for many more satisfied clients in pharmacies'


Piroctone Olamine- proved efficient against dandruff