Our responsibility 

Our core values
Our core values reflect what we endeavor to be towards our customers. It describes the stance we expect to meet from our employees, our suppliers and dealers and other business partners.

With this as a platform, our aim is to always deliver effective and well-tolerated  products to our customers.

We will offer top class products with high functionality and efficiency. We will not sacrifice the quality level on our product formulations including their ingredients, we will have efficient packaging and production.

Trust is vital for our company. This goes for our employees, our products, our suppliers and our clients. An open dialogue and communication together with our clients is most important. This creates understanding and respect as well as it drives us to create more efficient and demanded products

Involvement creates understanding and responsibility, at the same time leads to trust and confidence. To be involved in our roles leads to the best performance and that you will work for the best for our clients all the way. This leads to the best possible products and more satisfied clients.

We will have good control in our business processes, continuous product follow up, safe agreements with our suppliers and distributors in order to deliver the `best possible products` in correct time to our clients.   

Daxxin´s overall vision is to protect the environment and to continuously have a development that benefits the environment. Our aim is to work for a more durable society. We commit ourselves to reduce the influence on the environment in our business processes. We will carry through the possible improvements that will be demanded to protect our environment and prevent impurities. As our minimum level of demand we shall always follow the actual rules and laws within our business.

Health & Security
Daxxín ´takes responsibility' for health, safety and consideration for our clients, employees, and for all those who will be influenced in our business activities. We will control that we have safe places of work and sees to that our processes, product ingredients will not be exposed for any health risks to our employees, clients or other users. Our minimum level of demand is to always follow the actual rules and laws within our business.
Our Health & Security work includes that we will control and report continuously and act with permanent improvements 

Daxxín´s added responsibility
The production process follows the actual production rules of GMP (Good Manufacturing Process).
Daxxín AB is an associated member of the KTF. Kemisk- Tekniska Leverantörsförbundet(the supplying society of cleaning and toiletries products).
Daxxín AB is registered  and approved supplyer at Läkemedelsverket (the Bureau of Medical products in Sweden).
Daxxin have signed and safe suppliers- and distributors agreements.
Daxxín Shampoo is tested with proved efficiency vs dandruff.
Daxxín is so mild and gentle that you can use it every day.
Daxxín gives no side effects such as discoloring, dry and brittle hair, hair loss or odors.
Daxxíns perfume is rated as allergen free.
Daxxín does not include allergens, sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates or colorants.
Daxxín is distributed only at pharmacies with personal consultancy.
Daxxín´s brand is registered at Bolagsverket(companies agency authority)